Dvorianskoe Gnezdo (Nest of Gentlefolk), a boutique of premium property services, was founded in 2006. By that time, its founder, Laura Barsegyan, had gained a vast experience in premium property operations both across Russia and abroad. Focused on this business area, the boutique soon raised awareness with the up-market consumers due to the companys excellence and a detail-oriented approach to customers needs.

The new approach to premium property operations was based on our strife to differentiate from the ‘assembly-line’ service that dominated the allegedly exclusive market. The team of Dvorianskoe Gnezdo have based their performance on a series of principles: deep insight in each customer’s needs, careful handling of all requirements (and even whims), and total commitment to the implementation of the agreements. These and other qualities such as an excellent professional intuition, profound knowledge of the market, determined protection of customers’ interests, have converted Dvorianskoe Gnezdo into a perfect intermediary capable of facing any challenge.

The company’s image is our priority, so we strive to maintain our performance at the highest possible level. As a result, we have closed numerous deals involving city, countryside and commercial real estate sites. We could have told you a story about each of them if it hadn’t been for the confidentiality clause we cannot afford to break. Also, Dvorianskoe Gnezdo successfully operates in the sphere of overseas real estate.

Our clients appreciate our honest, decent and most friendly and correct style of work that makes a visit to Dvorianskoe Gnezdo a most pleasant experience.