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Exclusive commercial property

Dvorianskoe Gnezdo deals with any type of commercial properties in Moscow - whether it be the sale of A class offices, retail premises or rental mansions in the center of the city – they all have one thing in common – they are the best offers available in a certain segment of the market. We are professionals, so we choose only those square meters that really stand out and can enable our clients to improve their business performance.

We focus on commercial property in the center of Moscow. Rental offices in the Central Administrative District are supposed for the clients who strive not only for flawless business operations but also for a status. We find A class offices for some customers and offer mansions in the center of the city to some others. We choose particular offers of offices in the center either for sale or rent and show them to our clients only when we are positive they will help you drive your business to a higher level.

We draw on a vast experience in the rent of exclusive A class offices, which makes it possible to find most advantageous options.  

Besides, Dvorianskoe Gnezdo, an exclusive property boutique, specializes in the sale of ready-to-use businesses both in Moscow and abroad. If you buy a ready-to-use business from our agency you don’t have to worry about the legal aspects of the purchase.